Lurco strives to energise economic transformation, community empowerment, national education, job creation, skills transfer and infrastructure development.

Sustainability Investing in Communities

Lurco invests in communities through the Lurco Foundation, a non-profit organisation, founded by the Group to proactively support sustainable BBBEE and socio-economic development in line with South Africa’s national priorities. The Lurco Foundation has four key focus areas, namely: education, community development, enterprise development and infrastructure development.


Promoting the wellbeing of host communities through partnerships and value-add programmes


Contributing to credible and relevant enterprise and entrepreneurial development initiatives


Contributing, in a meaningful way, to socio-economic programmes with measurable outcomes


Stimulating, facilitating and promoting transformation in line with the South African National Development Plan (NDP)

Programme Focus Areas Education

With an increasing focus on employment and job creation, enhanced access to education has never been more critical. There are a number of barriers to learning, including poverty, poor infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, and a lack of facilities, competent educators and appropriate resources.

Investment by the private sector as well as ongoing collaboration between stakeholders is vital to improving standards of education, particularly in the fields of science, engineering and geology. Education is a key component in improving livelihoods and encouraging meaningful participation in the economy, driving employability.

The Lurco Foundation supports social investment programmes that attempt to address these needs, including:

  • Extra maths, science and english tuition for students wishing to enter the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields
  • Bursaries focused on financing university studies in the STEM fields
  • Skills training to enhance employability
  • The provision of sanitary pads to primary and secondary school learners

  • The provision of school shoes to primary school learners in need ·
  • Infrastructure development (improving existing school facilities)
  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiatives        
  • Educator and sport development initiatives


Community Development

Communities are at the heart of all Lurco’s operations, with the Lurco Foundation prioritising initiatives that empower vulnerable groupings (women, children and the disabled); drive entrepreneurship and economic independence; and projects that focus on health and  wellbeing.

Initiatives include:

  • Healthcare services and awareness programmes focused on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and the reduction of non-communicable diseases
  • Welfare projects such as food schemes
  • Support for security and public safety programmes (such as training of volunteers and other outreach programmes) as well as partnerships with community policing forums

  • Environmental awareness and related projects (e.g. clean-up of local parks etc.)
  • Support of conservation and agricultural initiatives
  • Involvement in disaster relief programmes (e.g. community assistance during floods, drought relief etc.)

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is key to boosting GDP and economic growth as well as employment and socio-economic development. In line with South Africa’s Mining Charter, the Lurco Foundation aims to make a considerable contribution to infrastructure development within its host communities, with the aim of building a more equal and prosperous society. The projects and initiatives considered corresponding with each community's unique needs and requirements.


Enterprise Development

Small business growth is a fundamental component of the economy and has been identified as an essential driver of job creation.The Lurco Foundation aims to leverage South Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit by supporting skills training and capacity building amongst the country’s youth, shaping the business leaders of the future. Enterprise development initiatives are established, facilitated and evaluated by the Foundation but owned and managed by community members.

The overarching objectives of these initiatives are to:

Lurco enterprise development 3

CREATE sustainable jobs

Lurco enterprise development 2

REDUCE poverty levels

Lurco enterprise development

FOSTER self-reliant communities

Sustainability Build & Grow

BUILD & GROW the local economy

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